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What is LexFusion?

A collaborative circle of hand-picked, truly-excellent legal innovation companies. These companies represent most of the mature categories of innovation. They can make you a better lawyer, lower your costs and/or increase your profits today. Tomorrow, and together, they will continue to redefine the practice and operations of law.

What is LexFusion's Purpose?

To grease the gears of commerce in the legal industry. To rapidly accelerate the adoption of legal innovation through trust, community, and market fit. We would like to drive a stake into the heart of the "army of cold callers" paradigm.

Why Now?

There is a virtual  "Cambrian explosion" of legal innovation companies.  Many are providing real value, and are succeeding in raising venture  capital.  However, many struggle to get those ideas to market.     

Biglaw Partners, general counsel, and legal operations leaders are  inundated with cold calls, emails and an endless parade of new ideas. While these legal professionals need to innovate, this process obscures  rather than illuminates the market.  

Often, these buyers throw their hands up, cry "mercy" instead of face the onslaught of new things. This benefits no one, and has to change.

For Corporate Counsel & Law Firms

LexFusion would like TWO HOURS A YEAR of your focused time and attention each calendar year, and we promise to walk you through the state of the legal innovation market. We promise you will walk away understanding the leading (and mature) solutions which can cut costs, improve outcomes and increase budgeting transparency TODAY.

LexFusion will also work with you to see further over the horizon, to the innovations which will define practice of Tomorrow.

For Legal Innovation / Technology Companies 

LexFusion wants to know you. Set up time for us to understand and map where you fit into this ecosystem. Maybe, you should join our community someday, but maybe today you need financing or advisory support. We want to help, and to make sure you're not burning your capital on ineffective and intrusive marketing tactics which will alienate your future buyers.

Meet the team behind LexFusion

Joseph Borstein
Paul Stroka
Casey Flaherty
Sumitro Chatterjee
Director of Operations
Sanjay Kamlani
Founding Advisory Board Member
Jae Um
Advisory Board Member
Christian Lang
Advisory Board Member


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